At D&E we offer the full process of Interior Design & Interior Architecture.

“Listen, Look and then Design”

First we Listen. Understanding what the client wants to achieve is paramount and knowing how the client lives day to day determines the basis of our design.

Then we Look. Appreciating the look of the design the client wants to achieve and taking inspiration from the position of the building; all of these drive the design.

The Design can be inspired by a myriad of things such as a painting or historical style, but whatever the inspiration, the Interior Architecture has to be well thought out. The floor plans are the corner stone of all good Interior Design. Whether we are working on the remodelling of a property or a brand new build; the floor plans are crucial to the final success of how the building works to support our clients’ needs and aspirations. The Interior Design is initiated by the client and their dreams, we then take those dreams and expand them to create beautiful homes and interiors.