Through these extraordinary times we have managed to remain open and busy. Our brilliant Design Teams allowed us to setup satellite-hubs in their homes, where we moved their computers and laptops and work continued apace. We have organised Zoom meetings each week, in house and with clients and have continued to work-up schemes, drawings and record detailing.

On Tuesday we opened up the Design Studio at Lower Lodge, to start with the teams will visit once a week. We remain very aware and concerned for everyone’s safety and good health and have put in place the recommended PPE in the studio.

New Business has been secured via Zoom and we are delighted a number of New Projects are underway. This week we will catch up on existing projects, discuss the new, review ideas, designs and schemes. However, we are considering leaving the design satellites in place, giving our Design Teams more flexibility to their working weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my personal email: or via the telephone: 01722 710 608.

“We all look forward to returning to some normality and safety, with a new sense of purpose and wellbeing.”